All diamonds – whether mined or man-made are basically carbon.  Our laboratory grown diamonds are genuine diamonds, but made from carbon extracted from cremation ashes or hair. When they come out of processing, they look similar to raw mined diamonds. They have all the exact same properties of natural diamonds [same hardness, same chemical make-up, same optical properties, same physical characteristics etc:] and because of that fact, they are extremely difficult to tell between without very specialist equipment.

Although ‘man-made’ created in a laboratory, they are still very valuable and real diamonds, they are most definitely not synthetic, or anything like CZ (cubic zirconium), Moissanite (silicon carbide) or the many faux diamonds which exist.

In our opinion, the best colour and cut – offering the brightest sparkle and scintillating fire expected from diamonds, is made from the canary crystal cut with 58 facets – termed ‘brilliant’ (round).  The most popular weight is 0.75 carat (6mm) after that it is the 1.00 carat (6.5mm)

We essentially make ‘Memorial Diamonds’ in two gorgeous colours – Light Canary and a ‘Free-Range’ of  light blues, in weights from 0.25 carat to 1.25 crt.  Blue’s are offered between 0.33 carat and 0.8 carat in weight.  Prices are listed separately.

A beautiful canary diamond in a yellow gold ring

Just one of our settings

Although we do not mount your diamond – rings or pendants can be made by most reputable jewellers (who have their own workshop) in your local area.  We can recommend jewellers who have mounted our diamonds for our many customers.  You may see more of our customers own designs in our blog and within the pages of this website.



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